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When I first heard of the R3 project, my initial thought was “I may have finally found somewhere to ‘be’”. On my first day, I felt instantly welcome and realised I could ‘be’ here. I could ‘be’ myself and it became a home away from home. I looked forward to Tuesday and Wednesday every week with steadily escalating excitement. When I was there, my emotions, thoughts and ideas were welcomed and embraced and were considered important and relevant. I began to believe in myself, and my abilities as an artist again. Throughout the project, I have learned new skills which I have gone on to use in my artworks at home, and when R3 culminated to our live public projection night, I experienced a feeling of pride, not just in myself, but everybody involved with R3. The R3 project has inspired myself and many others to step out of our shells, smash them, and use the pieces as stepping stones to a better understanding of ourselves and others. I personally, have made friends that I now can’t imagine not having and THAT, is why R3 needs to go on, and grow…to grow as I have from my involvement.

Dan (Wexler) Martin.


R3 Lit Up Our Lives

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Great Projection Event in Wonthaggi! Loads of people passing by got to see the artwork that we created throughout R3 Stage 1, plus everyone who turned up to see the work got cosy on couches on the footpath and had a great night. What an excellent way to wrap up the first workshop instalment. We can’t wait for more R3 in the future. Here’s hoping that we get to do some more!

The show is rea…

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The show is ready to go…awesome art on view for everyone to see. Big and bright and only for one night! 

Tonight is the night for the last go round of the R3 projection window to showcase all the hard creative work of the R3 Studio.

This special and intimate evening brings together the collaborative effort from over 70 young people, local artists and the Visionary Images crew from Melbourne.

And it is all for you, the beautiful public!

Screening Night 27 March

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Two more weeks left….

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The last go round for R3 Stage 1 will wrap up Tuesday 27 March with an intimate presentation that evening of all the developmental work the studio has made since it began in February 2011.

It has been a busy week as the second issue of AMA-Zine is hot off the press and the distribution has started in the area. If anyone wants a copy for their collection, drop by the studio or contact the R3 Project.

Time is running out and there still is plenty to do and things to learn ….

AMA-Zine #2 is completed

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Check out AMA-Zine Issue 2

Excitingly the second issue of our local zine, AMA-Zine has come together and will be available to collect this week. The second issue is landscape format and shows off an amazing range of collage and digital print by the R3 Studio.

It has been a mad dash to wrap up all the developmental work we have made in workshops because we are having a special screening in Wonthaggi on Tuesday 27 March 7pm. Everyone is welcome to come along and see all the work we have made come together for one night.

We are still running workshops from now until 28 March. Same times and Same Place. 80 Graham Street Wonthaggi. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12-5pm.

Chasing Wolves…

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Another Wednesday wraps up at the R3 Studio…

The buzz of frenzied productivity is in the air as we rush around with what little time we have left of Stage 1.

With Wednesdays come the mad panic of packing down the studio, getting a new slide ready and finishing off work to meet our deadlines…

“Focus! Focus! Focus!” has become our mantra to help us finish off the final touches to long standing projects, full steam ahead!

Nothing feels as good as crossing jobs off a list, especially when the jobs are art…

A special mention goes to our longest serving collaborator with the project: Hamish, a young man who is leaving the Bass Coast to  begin his Industrial design degree.   Thank you so much for sharing your dedication, creative energy and keeping us motivated through all of Stage 1.

Best of luck Hamish, you will be missed.