Winter is on its way but R3 is firing up!


A brave effort for everyone who made it this week to the studio sessions despite the cold and crazy hail/rain/mocking sunshine.

This week at R3 we took the first steps to embark on our new and exciting public art project to explore ideas around mental health. We started this journey simply by talking about our collective perceptions of mental health and mental health issues. Drinking lots of hot beverages and munching on stockpiled chocolate from Easter brought a whirl of ideas to the discussion,  making  it a challenge to keep up with jotting the concepts down.

This was a very productive session of conceptual development and left the group with a desire to gather more knowledge and research for next week’s sessions.

The R3 studio weekly sessions are:

Tuesdays 1-5.30pm

Wednesdays 1-5.30pm

Rear of Young Jobs Australia, 80 Graham Street Wonthaggi and is free to attend.

Call or text to come along on 0487 33 55 86

or email 

R3 is now on facebook too!


3 Responses to “Winter is on its way but R3 is firing up!”

  1. Travelling Matt Says:

    Hi R3, I am really excited to see what has been happening in Wonthaggi and look forward to seeing what you guys do! Keep it up!

  2. Neal Price Says:

    Hi – love the image with the birds – who did that one?

    • Hi Neal, Dylan knocked that up in one of our zine workshops, I also thought it was pretty nifty too – Michael

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